Annotations keep disappearing DTP 3 Beta

I’m giving DTP 3 a test spin for genealogy research. I’m having problems with Annotations sticking. Screenshot attached in the first comment with the annotation.

I’ll add my document, and in the section on the right side of the page, I add the source citations as an annotation. But only some of them stay, about a third of them simply disappear.

But only some of them stay, about a third of them simply disappear.

Can you clarify what “them” is?
Annotation files for other documents?
Lines in an existing annotation file?

Also, are you syncing this database?

PS: Remember, DEVONthink 3 is in beta testing. It is meant for testing, finding and reporting bugs. It should not be used in mission-critical or production environments. Also, we advocate running it on a separate macOS user account with test data or copies of data.

Is your database synchronized in the background and downloads changes from other devices? Or are smart rules or reminders scheduled? Any additional details to reproduce this would be welcome. Thanks!

“Them” refers to the annotations I’ve added to documents. I can go back and add them again after they disappear, and then they seem to stay put. Please see my screenshot of what I am referring to as an annotation for a media file. TO clarify (hopefully) after I paste my source citation into the Annotation box, click on something else, the pasted annotation is sometimes disappearing. Not always.

I am copying and pasting those annotations from source citations in my genealogy software.

I have set the database up to sync via iCloud, but I’m not currently running DT on anything else. No worries about the beta, I’m just playing to see if this will suit me.

No smart rules or reminders set up yet.

What exactly did you do right after after entering an annotation? Select another file?

Generally yes. I might be adding census records. So I’ll send an image file from preview to DT, move it to the appropriate group, tag it and add the annotation, then add the next record. Sometimes (but not always) the annotation from the previous entry disappears.

  1. Open image in Preview
  2. Share > Add to DEVONthink
  3. Add annotation in Annotations & Reminders, leaving the field active
  4. Open image 2 in Preview
  5. Share > Add to DEVONthink
  6. Annotation has disappeared on image 1.

The annotation file on image 1 hasn’t been saved.

Where is the save option?

It should save when you navigate away from the file or text field.

I think that is the problem. Most of the time, it does, but not always.