Annotations Randomly Disappear

I store my digital quilt project files in DT. Because the preview window simply shows the file icon, I like to add a screenshot of the actual quilt in the Annotations field. See screenshot. But periodically, some of them disappear at random.

I do sync to my laptop via local sync store. I did see this has been mentioned. Will it be addressed before release?

The kind of the sync location shouldn’t matter. When exactly does this happen? Do you synchronize your database(s) with older versions of DEVONthink 2.x?

The screenshot says DT3

No, I’m running the same beta on desktop and laptop. And I actually hardly ever sync.

Do you DEVONthink To Go 2.7.2 too? Does this still happen after disabling automatic sync (see Preferences > Sync) and automatic refresh of feeds (see Preferences > RSS)?

I do not currently have DT to go installed on my iPhone, so no syncing there.

Does a certain action cause this or does this only happen after synchronizing? Finally, as you rarely synchronize your database, is it possible that you’ve changed metadata (e.g. name, URL, flag etc.) of the same items on both computers before synchronizing?

No known action that I can think of. I usually have DT running on my desktop at all times, as I store everything in it. The only action I can think of is that on the occasion (maybe once or twice a week) that I reboot my computer, the annotations (and only some) are lost then?

As for your 2nd question, I’m not sure. Here’s an example. I use a design program called electric quilt. I store my saved files in DT. When I open them, I right click on the file in DT and choose “open with” and select the program.

I do this with all of software files, genealogy, embroidery, Word, Scrivener, etc. The files are stored in DT and I open them from there, so if that changes something?

This shouldn’t matter or do you perform such actions on both Macs without synchronizing first?

No. The laptop sync is strictly for back up. I don’t open the files on it.

Do the items still have an annotation icon (see List view on your screenshot) even if the annotation is missing? Or is it possible that the annotation and the item are in different databases? E.g. if you annotate an item first, then move/classify it to another database?

Yes, they all still have the annotation icon. You may have figured it out. I think I input some of the annotations when they were still in the general inbox, then moved them to my graphic design inbox. Would that have caused it? I deleted the annotation folder left behind in the inbox.

So far annotations aren’t automatically moved too (a future release might revise this depending on feedback), therefore deleting the Annotations group removed the annotations. You could either leave the Annotations group in the future too or move the annotations on your own if desired.

Instead of annotations you could also use a rich text custom metadata field to attach the previews, then you don’t have to worry about handling the annotations.

Perfect thank you so much for solving this mystery!

One more quick question. I also use DT for genealogy. I put my citations in the annotation field. These records are often replicated among groups in the same database. Will the annotations appear in the replications?

Replicants are instances of a single file so all attributes are shared, i.e., you can’t change one without changing them all simultaneously.

Perfect then! Thank you both!

You’re welcome :blush: