Annotations - Some in folders, others not

In some of my databases, when I add an annotation, they’re filed into a group within that database.

In other databases, the annotion is listed alongside the note, and NOT in a group. Why, and how do I make it so it’s in its own group and not listed as a note?

Some annotations might have been created using older versions of DEVONthink which didn’t include the annotation settings in Preferences > General > General yet or these settings were not always the same since their introduction.

No, I have just built these databases, the annotations and notes are all new.

And did you all create them on the Mac using the same version of DEVONthink and the same setting?

Yes. Brand new database, DTP v3.9, created on my macbook pro M1.

And all annotations were created via the Annotations & Reminder inspector? A screenshot of Preferences > General > General would be useful.

I have Settings, not Preferences. Screenshot also attached showing this.

Yes, I create all of my attachments via the annotations & reminder inspector. A favorite feature.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 1.57.33 AM

Here is what I am seeing.

Seems the latest macOS versions automatically change the name as DEVONthink 3 doesn’t use this name on its own.

The annotations are all in the document’s group (as expected due to the settings). What’s in the Annotations group?

So for my knitting database, 1 have 196 annotations. I have folders within groups, and as you can see in the second screenshot for the JECK sock, the annotation isn’t listed separately.

Only one group, my Knitting Journal, screenshot posted in previous comment, lists the annotations along with the notes. Why is this group doing this? My others are not. The annotations are all contained within the annotations folder.

The only idea coming to my mind is that the setting was changed (assuming that annotations were not moved by you or smart rules). Where are new annotations now created, in the shared or the document’s group?

In the document.

I see what you’re saying now about the settings. I’ve changed it to store annotations in shared group, recreated the annotations, and now it’s like the rest. Thanks for helping me work through this!