Annotations, Strange Behavior

I’ve tried playing with OCR to Annotation, and the 1st time I do it on an image w/ text, a folder is created called annotations with .rtf file… If I delete that file and do it again, this time no file is created, but I do notice that the OCR text populates in the annotations section of the file. Why is this and how to I recreate the annotations .rtf file? What’s the proper way to delete these files? What happens to the connection to the original image?

Also when looking at all annotated files on my system, I have a couple that do not have any annotations in the annotation field, yet somehow it’s showing up in this list. Why is that and how do I fix it?

What if I want to move the annotations folder somewhere else? I’ve seen it asked in the forums, but it’s a bit over my head. I’d like to move the annotations folder to my Obsidian folder on dropbox. 1. Is this advisable and how should I do it? 2. Is there a way to convert the .rtf to .md in simple way–some of the solutions are a bit above my pay grade. :slight_smile:

Did you empty the trash? If not do so.

You can’t. You can only move individual annotation records to another group. If you want to access them from the filesystem you need to move them to an indexed group. Search „indexed“ or „indexing“ in DEVONthink‘s help.


That was wrong. It is possible to move the Annotations group to another group :slight_smile:

Why do you want to move it?

I may want to move the annotation to the same folder as the original file… e.g., when I OCR a pdf to an annotation, it’d be nice to have the annotation together. or is this not the indented use?