Annotations with Preview won't "stick"

Hi. Noticed that some of annotations made in Preview missing after saving PDF on v3.6.2. Some of the annotations in the middle of the article are missing. Anyone experiencing this?

Probably would be useful if you posted the PDF that shows this behaviour for others to test.

Nothing special as I’ve been using double click to open Preview and annotate and save. Annotations always been showing up in DEVONthink v3.6.1 and earlier versions. But v3.6.2 not showing some annotations.

What kind of annotations and which version of macOS?

Highlights, added text and boxes. Some highlights and boxes missing and all texts missing.

And the macOS version?

Forgot to mention. Still on Catalina v 10.15.7.

So far I couldn’t reproduce this on 10.15.7. A copy of a document before/after annotating would be useful.

Sure, will message & attach file. Thanks