Another bonjour sync question

Sorry, I know sync questions are asked all the time. But I have a question about which way I should set up Bonjour sync.

I have two macs and an iphone. I have a few databases on each mac that are different and I want to sync them all on my iphone.

So like this:
Mac 1:
⁃ Database A
⁃ Database B

Mac 2:
⁃ Database C

⁃ Database A
⁃ Database B
⁃ Database C

My question is: do I use the iPhone as the Bonjour server or do I set up each Mac as a bonjour server?

Additional info, I don’t plan on syncing the Macs together. I have a personal mac and a work mac and I want to be able to access all of the databases on my iPhone.

Right now I have both Macs as the servers. It works except that pretty often DTTG won’t connect to anything until I restart the app. It’s not a terrible problem but I wonder if that’s because I’m doing it wrong?

Ideally the Macs are the servers and you would add a sync location to each of them on the iPhone.

I use bonjour for syncing between my Mac and iPhone. I had issues initially when setting up the database. It was not showing up anything. How to sync between devonthink pro and go post helped me.

Enable bonjour server on the Mac and connect the phone. If it’s not connecting with Wi-Fi, try cable. Sometimes sync does not happen and to manually sync the phone I do Sync > Locations > Local Network. Sometimes it syncs when on this screen. Or tap refresh.

The thing to keep in mind that that iOS is in control of when the Bonjour sync will start and how much time iOS gives to it. That is why, I think, you see that “sometimes sync does not happen”. At least my understanding. @BLUEFROG can comment.

Thanks for the replies everybody! I’m glad to know that I have it set up in the recommended way.

If the nature of Bonjour syncing is that sometimes I have to restart the app then I can live with that. I was mostly asking to make sure it wasn’t user error. In any case, for me, it’s far better to just work with Bonjour’s idiosyncrasies so that I can have local, secure, and fast syncing of my databases.

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That’s not normal. And frankly, I’m not aware, after years of use, any idiosyncrasies. Probably a gap between what and how it does what it does vs. your expectations. Dunno.

Well, just today I had DT open on my desktop and I had my phone plugged into my laptop with DTTG on. It wouldn’t sync. I went into Settings > Locations and the sync location was greyed out. I tried toggling it on and off and it didn’t do anything. I closed the app on my phone, opened it again, and it worked fine.

I feel like I did things the way I normally do and Bonjour sync didn’t work as expected. Like I said, not a big deal, but, at least for me, there are definitely idiosyncrasies.

The symptoms suggest something with the network but I cannot think how to pursue or debug that hypothesis. Others might have an idea.

I think Low Power Mode also might affect how sync works but if the app is in the foreground sync would work. I have Little Snitch and it was blocking the sync until I allow it to connect. Check if you have any firewall or such. I use the cloud button in the home screen for manually syncing. It will show socket error log if it’s not able to connect.

Also, if the device takes a nap, sync will be inhibited :slight_smile: