Another bug: text editor

Any time I try to change the font or click on the T the app crashes.

Did you edit an RTF document or a formatted note? And which device & font did you use? Finally, please ensure that crash logs are sent to Apple so that we’ll receive them. Thanks!

Sorry Christian, but I do not know how to send crash logs on DTGO on iPad! I Am trying to edit an rtf file on the iPad and any time a try to change fonts the app (iPad 2 the latest iOs System) crashes. It crashes very quickly if I hold the iPad horizontally.

PS. It seems that DTGO 2.0 works as advertised on my iPhone 6 plus. But I need an app fully working on my iPad (even if it is an old one, v. 2, I believe) and, moreover, there is no way to change font in the iPhone version. So the issue is the text engine used for the iPad.

I changed localization of the iPad (Settings -> General -> iPad Language ) from Swedish to English. After this change the editing works as expected.
Setting it back to Swedish and the Edit crashes as soon as T or font selection is pressed.
(iPad in lanscape mode for the above).

…and as usual there are many conditions that seems to add to this.
Using the iPad in portrait mode (iPad language set to Swedish) seems to work every time (limited testing though). AND, if you managed to edit the RTF doc once, then it seems to be stable and accepts further changes regardless of iPad position.

Strange. I changed my language settings to English (USA from English UK!!!) and now the crashing has stopped. Let us see.

Update: this seems to work only on portrait view and starts again on landscape mode (crashing).

Could you please make it crash, then sync your iOS device via iTunes with your Mac? Then you find the crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ … This would be tremendously helpful.

Crash-report generated. To where should I send it?

eboehnisch - at -