Another PDF related question

After trying DEVONthink for a few days I realized this is the tool I have been missing - just registered it an hour ago  ;)

At the moment I’m building my knowledge database, and a few questions popped up.
The manual is good at explaining various options but does not tell what are the benefits and shortcomings of various solutions.

For example I have a number of PDF documents. I can link to them, I can copy them to the database location, and I can include them in the database itself. I chose the last option, but now I wonder if that was the smartest thing to do? Will the large database slow down DEVONthink? Will it corrupt more easily? Is it advisable to include a large PDF file in the DT database?
Another question - when doing a search on PDF documents and clicking on a result, the PDF page gets displayed in the preview window. However, is is usually too small to see anything, and the actual search string is not highlighted, so it is hard to spot the part of the document that contains the string.
If I open the page internally I can read it, but still can’t sport the string occurence right away. I also often copy snippets of text from the PDF files, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to select text in PDF files from DT. The only solution seems to be opening it in external viewer (Adobe Reader) or converting PDF files to rtfd before importing.
BTW check the search function in lastest Adobe Reader 6 - very nicely done!
Apologies if I missed something here, I’m just exploring DT at the moment.


The larger database does not make any difference - (almost) no slow down, no increased memory usage, no decreased data stability.

We’re currently using Quartz to display PDF documents and Quartz does not support highlighting of strings.

Seems Panther will improve PDF/PostScript handling…  :D

Thanks for clarifying this to me! I guess it might get solved in the future.

I tried DT with Panther. It looks great, but I cannot select text yet  ???