Another quick notes/jot suggestion

I’ve been using DTPersonal for years now; I love it. But I agree with some other posters-- 2.0 would benefit much from a quicknote or jot feature. That’s something that should be built in, and accessible without scripts or Pro features; it comes standard in some other apps.

The application ‘Together’, which I don’t like nearly as much as DT, has an enviable quick note feature. It can be accessed by a universal hotkey from any app, and once it’s up, nothing has to be selected with the mouse or named or saved; you just type. Unlike the similar ‘Shovebox’ feature, you can press Return to move the cursor (rather than to close the note). Pressing the hot key closes the window and the note is automatically filed (the DT inbox would be ideal). DT can improve on this, though, in 2 ways. First, make the dialogue box (or panel or whatever) positionable anywhere on the screen, so that invoking it brings it up in the same position each time. Second, make the notes auto-naming, say with the first 25 characters. The application MyNotes does this well.

Thanks for considering this! Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I think this feature would tremendously help integrate DT into people’s workflows (as it is, I use QuickSilver + Xpad and then drag into DT on the dock).

Agreed! :smiley:

Just as a FYI on Shovebox, using the Quick Jot feature, ‘Return’ closes the note, ‘Option-Return’ inserts a soft line break and keeps the note open, and ‘Control-Return’ inserts a hard line break and keeps the note open. Also, you can bring up Shovebox’s ‘Organize’ window and drag entries into any DTP folder or into the Sorter. You can also drag items out of DTP into the Shovebox window to move data the other way. I’ve found Shovebox a nice addition to DTP, especially for DTP data that I want to sync to the iPhone with Shovebox mobile.

So, what do you think of the new note feature?

I like that you can either give the note a title or leave the title blank, and it will use the first characters of the note for the title.

I would like it to remember the last position if you move it, but otherwise it’s working well for me. :smiley:

I like it too! I’ve only just tested it out-- it hasn’t become a reflex yet!-- but I like it. It would be nice if it switched a bit more seamlessly between applications: I can hotkey to bring it up, type command+S to save, but whether or not there is a DT window open, DT (and the menu bar, etc) remains the active application. Otherwise, it’s great!