Another scanning question

I am using Devonthink Pro Office with fujitsu scansnap. I’m just not “getting it”. When I scan a doc, I still have to import/index it since my scansnap manager sends the resulting scan into another folder. Is this correct? Am I missing something? The scanner is set to “use Devonthink Pro” as the application to use and I am using a folder named “scanned” to store the images. Do I then have to import /index these docs into the database that I want them in for Devonthink Pro? When the doc is scanned and the options screen comes up for what I thought was classifying, i put the database file name in the “subject” line and the specifics about the document in the “keywords” line. I had hoped to get this started as my new year’s resolution and am still hopeful! Any suggestions to how I might best get my “hands and mind around” this process? Point me in the right direction please. Happy New Year. :wink:

Check the Setting of ScanSnap Manager. If it’s not set to send the scanned images to DTPO, you should manually it change to that setting.

The scanned and OCR’d images will be sent to the open DTPO database only. If you wish to place the new PDFs into another database, select and export (File > Export > Files & Folders) them to the Finder, then open the other database and import them (File > Import > Files & Folder). OR - switch databases before scanning.