Another Sync Idea

Hello, Jim.

If I import my teaching files into DTPO and use that as my main database, where do those files “live”? I am asking because I am wondering if I can use chronosync or something similar to sync this folder with a Dropbox folder or even a folder on an external drive so that I have access to the files on the occasion I need them from a computer that doesn’t have DTPO… and maybe not sync, but back up ? Or is the best plan to just index the folder ? I feel like I am missing out on features if I index is that true ?

Imported files are stored in the internals of the database.

Using Chronosync to sync a Dropbox folder would be a bit odd, seeing as Dropbox does its own syncing between linked computers.

If you want to have an external source of files that are accessible in the Finder, I’d put them in a folder in your local Dropbox folder or on an external drive and index that parent folder (making sure you do not rename that parent folder in the Finder). You aren’t losing anything by indexing the files, if it fits the need of the situation.

Thanks, Jim

OK, that’s what I have been doing all along for the past couple of years… I was wondering specifically about the Auto Classify/ See Also… and the Exclude From … These look different to me between Indexed and Imported Databases.

Maybe a primer on the two would help… My main goal is that I want to be able to use as much of the AI stuff as I can while I am working with files in Devonthink… the connections, relatedness etc… I am a teacher and this really helps with lesson design. If indexing gets me all that, then fine, if not, I can import and then export once per week or so…

Thanks again

The AI operates on imported and indexed data in the same way.