Any active Sente users around?

My apologies for using this forum to ask about Sente, but, despite all the warning signs, I’ve continued to use Sente. Everything worked fine, including the scripts that exported notes to DEVONThink, until a couple of weeks ago, when the sync server appeared to stop working. That’s happened several times in the past, but it was always restored quickly. This time, though, it hasn’t come back online and my emails haven’t met with any response. Is there anyone else around who has the same problem?

According to reviews at MacUpdate ( others are experiencing this too.

In an attempt to address potential script issues, I have tried to set up a Sente account (which is required to even run the software now :imp: ) and it has been down / unresponsive for a week (at least). I would be seriously looking at switching to other software IMO.

Thank you for the feedback. I hadn’t realized that MacUpdate was a good place to look for info on issues like this. I just wish we could have been given a little advance warning. It’s strange because it was only a month or so ago that I got an error message saying that I had used up all my sync space. An email to support got a response within a few minutes and a doubling of my space allocation without charge. The software also seems to be still on sale.

YMMV. Invidiual reviews there (or the MAS or anywhere) should be taken with a grain of salt. Reports should be corroborated with other sources and data.

That being said, things don’t look very good from my experience either.

In my opinion Sente is very much dead. My database is no longer synchronizing, and the developers are ignoring all their users. Pretty horrible. I’ve migrated to Bookends (which was just updated, by the way), and am much much happier. A great program, with a very responsive developer. I’ve had to adopt the use of PDF expert for my ipad reading, but with a few scripts, I’m finding it much better than Sente.

Hi, Arrodick, I don’t want to extend this non-DT thread too long, but would you mind listing the scripts you mentioned?

If you haven’t already, spend some time in the Bookends Scripts forum. It is there that I got some help from Dave83 in exporting notes to OPML (which I send directly to Devonthink) … de4eb28696

And for the work in PDF Expert, which is where I have migrated to annotate on the IPad (this is a weakness compared to Sente, although I haven’t found it too difficult to work from there):

I’m an academic, and I wrote up my digital workflow for my students and colleagues, which includes a discussion of Bookends and Devonthink - perhaps of use? … Fd1BE/edit

That’s a wonderful collection of links. Thanks very much! (Apologies for not noticing how autocorrect had garbled your username in my previous message.)

You are very welcome — I am always looking to find more folks’ workflows with these great apps. I’m always a bit on the periphery, in that my scripting skills are almost nil, but there are some very kind and heflpul people out there on the internet (a good thing to remember in 2017!).