Any advantage to iCloud sync?

Now that there’s full-featured iCloud sync built in, is there any advantage in To Go when using it, such as increased background sync frequency? Dropbox has been working fine for me but if there are any advantages I wouldn’t mind switching :slight_smile:

No, there is no difference in sync frequency. Also, background refresh is controlled by iOS, not DTTG.

The only obvious “advantage” is iCloud is present on all Apple devices, is already tied to your Apple ID on each device, and has reasonable rates for increased storage.

What about stability issues?

Stability of what?

Sync stability…more correctly - sync errors

Any remote sync location is essentially the same, so there’s no “best option” or “most stable”. Network conditions, server responses, etc. are all variable, geographically and temporally. Maybe it’ll be better in an hour… or maybe not. Maybe it will be faster in another room… or maybe not.

Also realize this syncs locally then iCloud has to do its own syncing to its own servers, then to devices using the same Apple ID. We have no control over what and when iCloud does its thing.

Congrats getting iCloud sync happening on iOS! I remember there being some kind of technical roadblock preventing this from happening. What changed?

It’s not iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is still incompatible as a sync location and iCloud syncing has replaced it. We are dealing with iCloud.

So I just installed DTG on my iPad and iPhone. On my desktop I enabled iCloud sync and uploaded 2 databases. When I open the app on iOS and turn on iCloud sync it “synced” several times according to the little loading icon, but no data ever shows up.
What gives?

We used iCloud Drive on the Mac and tried it to get to work on iOS. We’re now using iCloud’s document services directly which is also why the new iCloud sync is not compatible with the former iCloud Drive sync.

It might be well a layman question but could anyone provide an advantage of using iCloud sync over a direct bonjour sync connection?

A Bonjour sync location requires that the devices/computers are in the same (W)LAN and switched on whereas iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV sync locations don’t need this but require storage.

Exactly but for the sync storage option such as iCloud a wi-fi link is required whereas for the Bonjour W(LAN) would suffice. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but storage for iCloud sync does not require large amount of memory since you do not actually backup your Devonthink database(s) there but iCloud rather serves as a conduit between OS X and an iOS device(s). That said, there’s no real advantage of using any sync storage option over a direct sync such as Bonjour but it’s rather up to a consumer’s preference, correct?

@Mio: Local storage is still required for iCloud syncing. It syncs locally, then iCloud does its own syncing to Apple’s servers, then out to devices with the same Apple ID.

Also, sync data IS stored in your iCloud account. It is not merely “a conduit”. It is a holding tank, just as any other cloud service is.

Lastly, unless you need devices to be updated frequently, Bonjour syncing on your local network is fast and reliable… and compatible with Mac and mobile.

I’m also very happy to see the technical challenges to using iCloud sync have been successfully overcome.

I wanted to clarify, before I make the switch, that I understand correctly.

I remember quite clearly reading repeatedly NOT to use iCloud Drive to store the databases. I am storing mine on However, I have one free account and one business paid account, and their storage is a bit expensive under this plan. I would love to review my options.

My understanding is that I would need to download my databases from to my local drive, and then set up iCloud sync. NO iCloud Drive. Is this correct?

Can I also sync between my local databases, and a copy of the databases on Dropbox, for example?

Thank you for clarifying!

If you mean you have your DEVONthink databases, the .dtBase2 files, in Box, you should NOT.

No. Your databases should already be local to the machine.

Again… under no circumstances should you be putting your .dtBase2 files in any cloud-synced folder or storing them on a remote server lik Box or Dropbox.

Please clarify.

“Please clarify.”

Databases ARE local. Syncing through creates files on, NOT the databases proper, but large files just the same. I thought you would know this.

Let me make it short-does turning on iCloud sync necessitate turning off other sync methods? I am trying to get the large data off Your blog entry regarding iCloud sync, and other searchable information does not clarify this, which would have been helpful so you wouldn’t be bothered with questions.

I assume now I don’t have to do anything with the data on, until I sync via iCloud. I assume iCloud will replicate this data for syncing, after which I can delete the sync data on Box. Correct or not?

Ok, so i am extremely confused at the moment.

I have been using Devonthink Pro office on my mac for years and years now and i LOVE it. I recently set up iCloud sync so that my documents sync between my iMac and my MacBook Pro. Works great.

So I was elated to find that the new DTTG app now supports iCloud sync. It’s the feature I was waiting for before purchasing. I’ve been dreaming of being able to access all my documents from devonthink across all my macs and on my iPhone too. SO i purchased the app and set up iCloud sync using the same encryption key i used when I set up iCloud sync on my mac. It accepted it just fine. But I was surprised it didn’t ask for my Sync Store Name. I refreshed the home screen and waited for my databases to show up so I could do a test search. But nothing showed up.

So i came to the forums and read this thread. Does DevonThink Pro for macOS use a different method of syncing (iCloud Drive) than the DTTG iOS app uses? If that’s the case, what is the point of adding iCloud sync at all?? The whole point is to sync my documents from macOS to iOS so I can access them anywhere.

I am hoping I did something wrong here and can follow some instructions to make sync work properly. But based on this thread, I fear the way you have set up iCloud sync is not compatible between iOS and macOS. Please say it ain’t so!




Look at your Sync Preferences in DEVONthink 2.10 again. iCloud is NOT iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is incompatible. iCloud is compatible. We announced iCloud syncing and that it is compatible with both platforms.