Any Bookends Users with Scripts?

Hi all,
As I am coming to the sad realization that Sente truly is no longer, I’m frantically trying to get my academic reference system re-structured before the new academic year begins. I’ve been looking into Bookends, as it appears to be the best solution (although if anyone has any thoughts on good IPad workflows I’d love to hear them!). But my present concern has to do with getting references into DevonThink. I have relied on the script made by Rob Trew for years, which was a quick script to import Sente notes into DevonThink as separate text files within clearly demarcated folders. This was so perfect as a workflow, as it allowed DT to keep notes on readings organized in small chunks for the magic of DT’s AI to work. So…has anyone developed anything similar for the notecards of Bookends (a system that I’m still wrapping my head around)? Any ideas/suggestions from the kind folks here would be greatly appreciated!

To answer my own question (after looking at the Bookends scripting forums…duh!): … 2&start=15
This script will land them nicely into DevonThink as separate text files to be modified/commented upon, etc.