Any chance for DEVONagent on iOS?

Hey everybody,

I love using DEVONagent Pro on the Mac but I also love my iPad Pro and follow the “iPad-only lifestyle” when away from home. Unfortunately, I cannot use DA because there is noch iOS version. This limits my ability to work while traveling considerably. Is there any chance that it comes to iOS?

Best, Jan

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Maybe some day, but certainly not any time soon. Also, certain aspects of DAP (and DEVONthink) require more horsepower than is available in a mobile device.

Oh really? I totally believe you in this regard but my iPad Pro is way more capable in terms of horsepower than my old Mac Mini… Do I miss something?

To some degree you have to consider the specs of the machine.

There are inherent limitations to iOS not found in macOS. Remember that mobile devices are made and geared toward certain tasks.

However, if a mobile device and OS fills your personal needs, then that’s great! Everyone has their own needs and points of view on computing.

Quick example: Doing some maintenance works on the same set of databases takes, say, 6 seconds on an iPad Pro. On a MacBook Pro running the iOS Simulator it takes 0.06 seconds. The A-type processors in iOS devices are fast but their infrastructure (memory, disk, lack of virtual memory, …) makes them less efficient for number crunching like needed for databases. They’re optimized for other things.