Any chance of supporting DATALIST tag in HTML/Formatted Note?

I am thinking about something like the following which works in Safari and Firefox but doesn’t render the list in DevonThink HTML or Formatted Note.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<form> <input type="text" list="projects" name="pr1" id="pr1">
  <datalist id="projects" display="inline">
  <option value="null">
  <option value="ME28">
  <option value="ME29">
  <option value="ME30">
  <option value="MEF">
  <option value="SOLF">
  <option value="BHWA">
  <option value="ADV">

A future release will probably support this by using a different rendering engine but not anytime soon.

You can simply include code (of any kind - HTML, MD, AppleScript, JavaScript) in three backticks like so
code goes here
or use the </> icon on top of the editor here to format it. That makes the code easy to read, copy/paste and automatically highlights it.

I’ve fixed your post this time.

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… for what?

Good point – a form in a static HTML document makes little to no sense – one would need some server side component or JavaScript to do something with the values input in the form.

DEVONthink saves entered values.

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Got it. Thanks

Thank you. I figured there must be a way to do it but it wasnt immediately obvious so I just punted. I appreciate the help.

Ah. Ye of little faith. You don’t give DevonThink enough credit. In Formatted Notes DT saves some types of fields back to the HTML file (e.g. checkboxes). Text fields are also saved back. So my application is a template that lets me generate my daily project sheet (Project/Activity/Time) where the Project is a simplified by having a pulldown list generated by the DATALIST. Sort of like this:

Sorry I repeated what you said. I didn’t see your post until after I hit REPLY.