Any idea when Pro will be ready for Beta testing?

Topic says it all. Any tentative target date or date range for either beta testing or the final version?

thanks :slight_smile:

Christian recently said "available in April".

I hope “when is XYZ gonna be out?” won’t be asked too often on this forum.  It’s a relief to be away from that question here.

You’ve got at least another two or three times to ask before Pro’s out until it’s annoying, milhouse. :slight_smile:

April…thanks. :slight_smile:

I hope the forum won’t become a place for chiding responses to simple questions. It’s a relief to find more helpful replies here.  

You’ve got at least zero more times to reply in that manner before it’s considered annoying.  ;)

Sorry, I didn’t intend to be “chiding”.

NP :slight_smile:

Beta will come in April (although this topic is probably in the wrong board :slight_smile:)

Will it be a public beta, or do we need to sign up? And if so, where?

There will be probably a public beta once the feature set is complete (probably in the first half of next month). However, the first distributed alphas are of course limited to beta testers. If you’re interested in alpha/beta testing (and backup your data regularly :slight_smile:), just send me an email.