any know issues with scan snap iX500 and Devonthink PO?

I just came across the fact that my scan snap workflows are not working anymore. No direct saving to Devonthink.

Looking under the hood I realised that in ScanSnap-Manager Settings one is no longer able to pic Devonthink as Applictaion to scan to.

Can anyone shed some light on this strange occurrence?


does it work again after installing the ScanSnap integration via DEVONthink Pro Office > Install Add-Ons?

[size=150]You kindly suggested the: [/size]

[size=200]I did that – to no avail. [/size]

[size=150]See the respective images below:

[size=150]What can be done about it?


From Fujitsu Support this morning:
You may add an application to the Application list in ScanSnap Manager. Right click again on the Scansnap manger and select Scan Button Settings then click on the Application tab, go down to the Add or Remove button and click on it. Click on Add, then the Browse button to select the path to your application (including the executable). Next go back to the Application Name box on the Application tab and type in the name of the application you selected and click O.K. and then close.

Picking up on this thread as I have the exact same issue.

Yes indeed, it solves the problem… until the next DevonThink update. Then the link is broken again and the configuration needs to be fixed as explained, each time.
Very annoying, particularly as it was working flawlessly for years until it got broken a few months ago, ironically when the enhanced configuration was introduced.
Would someone have a long-lasting fix for this?

This is a Fujitsu issue, not a DEVONtech one.