Any known issues with macOs Sierra und DTPO?

Think about upgrading to macos Sierra, but heard of probs with pdfs. Does anyone upgraded already and has probs with DTPO and Sierra?

There are some known issues with DEVONthink and Sierra that I’ve seen.

  • Thumbnails may not show up in the sidebar when viewing PDFs
  • The Mail plugin will not install

As Christian posted, an update is in beta now and should be released this month.

Okay, thanks for the info. So, I will wait a little bit.

DTPO also seems to demand high-performance graphics on MacBook Pro which is a battery drain

Paths to pdfs are corrupted!

This is not an issue with DTPO per se, but there is an issue with the drivers for the Fuji ScanSnap scanners that many people use with DTPO. Fuji advises against upgrading to Sierra. … os-sierra/

I’m not using a scanner.

Is the database located in the Documents folder and did you enable the disk space optimization via iCloud?

Just following, as I’m interested in possible issues with DTPO and iCloud in macOS Sierra.
By now I’m not having problems, but I just clean-installed Sierra and I think it will take a while before my 200+ gigs of DTPO dBases are on the cloud.

I have found the email archive and import function very slow after Sierra and this is a valuable part of DT for me.

Yes, this is my big worry as well. I forgot that my DevonThink DBs were in my Documents folder. When I realized this, I quickly turned off the new “sync Desktop and Documents” to iCloud. I remember issues about syncing databases before (such as with Dropbox) so I would love to hear an “official” word on whether or not this new iCloud sync will cause problems or not.


iCloud’s support for document packages is limited, the latest version is simply used and therefore changes might be lost after modifying the database on two computers concurrently. Due to our poor iCloud experiences in the past we might log a warning in the future if the databases are stored in these folders on Sierra.

I can confirm- Thumbnail previews broken under Sierra- in fact all PDF Display options seem frozen out.

Not a happy camper here guys- Did you guys not see this stuff in Sierra testing GM ?
Need an patch update ASAP

My DTPO has crashed several times today…

Maybe during installation users should be reminded that if they put the database in the Documents folder then it might create troubles with iCloud

I do agree with this comment. Splitting is central in my paperless process !

In spite of feedback from developers and beta testers, Apple made changes to PDFKit that didn’t improve viewing/editing of PDFs, but caused serious compatibility problems (including possible data loss) for some PDFs previously created by some software, such as Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Manager and QuickBooks. IMHO, this is a quality assurance booboo by Apple, and simply should not have happened.

The impacts on use of PDFs in DEVONthink are relatively minor (except for those including original (non-OCRed) ScanSnap Manager produced or QuickBook produced documents).

A maintenance release of DEVONthink will be made this month.

We do not advocate doing this. For your data’s safety, we strongly suggest putting your databases in a folder in the root of your User Account, say ~/Databases or on an external drive, if space is limited.

And you want to talk about problems for developers?
and… … 1786869080

Also, from Omni Group’s staff:

Actually, the issues are quite major in my case. I imported PDFs today via a folder action “import and delete” and since then DEVONthink crashed every time I try to click on one of those PDFs and some older PDFs as well. The PDFs are downloads from a website and are most likely not scans. Storing downloaded PDFs is one of my most vital use cases of DEVONthink and without it the software is nearly useless for me.

While waiting for some kind of bug fix, I will be patient and use DTTG instead, which at least works okay on one of my iOS devices.

BTW, my database ist located in the documents folder, but I do not have activated iCloud sync at any time.

Then I recommend that when the app creates a new database, the default location should not be ~/Documents.

Luckily I remembered the problems with syncing Dropbox before, so with Sierra, I have moved my databases out of the DevonThink default ~/Documents folder. But I am guessing this will catch a lot of users by surprise.

Can I request some clarity on the advice offered here please? Specifically the recommendation that databases should be put in a folder in the root of the user’s profile. DT’s own tutorial (“Database set-up”, published 15 April 2011) suggests the Documents folder as the location for databases.
Is this advice now obsolete for macOS Sierra, or is this only the case where the user enables syncing Desktop and Documents to iCloud? If I understand correctly it is only recommended in the latter instance. From posts on this forum, it seems that updating to Sierra turns this feature on automatically: If that is the case, what is the advice? I am in no rush to update, particularly in light of the Scansnap issue, but would appreciate some guidance from Devontech as to their recommended approach.