First my gratulations to Dttg, it was worth to wait for this excellente App.

I have tested dtpo totgether with Sierra and found the following:
The sidebare on the right side, where The different Pages are shown is not there any longer.
The arrows to go to The next search Word are greyed out and dont work any longer.

I just wonder before downloading Sierra next week, will these Problems be solved,otherwise I have to stay with the Capitain.

Like to Hear from You


Sierra is still a moving target (even at Release Candidate). Compatibility will be in a maintenance release after Sierra’s release.

now the Sierra is official and I can`t see any update for DTPO. Have i missed anything

An update will be available later this month. If you’re interested in a beta, just send me an email.

Given the reports of problems due to changes in PDFKit in Sierra, I am not rushing to upgrade until at least after the first maintenance release.

I guess it depends on how much you depend on things continuing to work smoothly.

See for example here


Link to report? I see some developer notices a month or so ago – is there something more recent?

Hi, tos for this,
would like to test the beta.

As I’ve got a research project underway using my DTPO databases and everything is working smoothly, I’ll wait to install Sierra until a DEVONthink maintenance release for Sierra compatibility has been released.

Yes, I’m curious about Sierra and its features, but from past experience, I’m giving more weight to getting work done without aggravation and time lost.

Did you receive the request? Not heard a peep back yet, yay or nay.

E-mail sent for Mac beta request. Already on iOS beta. Thanks.

The PDFKit is currently kind of work in progress as Apple’s obviously porting it to iOS. The result is a bag full of bugs and for the first time in 15 years they didn’t care about compatibility. Some of the changes are not just deprecations like in the past, it doesn’t work any longer without updating the software. Advantages of the new PDFKit? None. The developers of this framework should be fired :imp:

Thanks for the heads up Christian. Thats very disappointing :blush: I think you should make a sticky post about this or warn people more prominently.

Honestly apple should not have tampered with PDFKit until they had a drop in replacement that was fully backwards compatible. The bug reports reflect actually what Christian is saying and it seems they have been outstanding throughout the beta :frowning:

I am going to be staying on El Kap for the foreseeable future until its sorted out. DT is too important for me to risk because of apple’s screw ups.

Also sorry for all the extra wasted work this is going to give you.


Indeed. I was wondering this week quite often why they’ve released this as there are no advantages but lots of unhappy users/developers. They could have shipped the old framework of El Capitan and finish the new framework til next year.


Long-time lurker first time poster here. Love the Devonthink product and the upgrade to Sierra has been devastating.

Here to ask for the latest beta but don’t have PM privileges yet and therefore cannot message @cgrunenberg.


@geneous: Today’s 2.9.5 contains many Sierra related fixes. Please update your software and review the release notes to see a few outstanding issues we are aware of. Thanks!