Any other special syntax like ![[...]]?

Hello everyone, maybe I don’t know enough about DT’s ability, I found that DT can display images in the mode of ![[…]], which is a bit surprising because I always thought this was Obsidian’s exclusive syntax. I would like to know what other special syntax like this DT has besides the common markdown syntax?

The markdown dialect understood by DT should be mentioned in the documentation. I remember that @BLUEFROG explained it in the forum some days ago, maybe a search helps.

At least the first 10 hits when searching for markdown with google use a different syntax like so

![alt-text](url "title")

Which makes me wonder if you might be better off using that instead of something a single company has cooked up. Just in case you want your MD files to be portable (which is kind of the idea of MD).

Thanks for the suggestion, but sorry, it would be nice if you could remind me what keywords to search for! I didn’t find them! :cold_sweat:
Actually, I’ve thought about the problem you mentioned, but I’ve encountered a problem that sometimes the images that need to be inserted into the MD body are not in the folder corresponding to the MD file … so the normal MD link work… This time I found “! [[]]”, a wikilink-like format, seems to avoid this problem, which surprised me~ so I’d like to check if there are other wikilink good uses~

Thank you!

For the record: This has been discussed here several times, too.

MD handles images exactly like HTML – it doesn’t bloody care. In the case of HTML, the browser inserts the image (or tries to), using the URL you provide. Same thing with MD when it gets converted to HTML (which is probably the majority of cases): MD does nothing to your images but converts them to HTML img elements. Your preview app must be able to access the img URL at runtime. Which means that the “folder” has not really any relevance here – the URL is the decisive element.

If you put all your images on a generally accessible web server, you can insert them with “” in your MD file, and every decent Previewer should do The Right Thing. Even if you send this MD file to someone else they can see the images as long as the server is up and running.

I think this is the only robust way to add images to MD, because it does not depend on your personal local setup. Next best is probably a folder containing all the images together with the MD file, as you said. If you need the data somewhere else (or someone else needs them), you can zip the folder and send it away. In that case, you have to use relative URLs like “./123.jpeg”.
Another possibility would be to use HTML img elements with a data URL directly encoding the image in the text. But that’s a PITA and increases file size.

BTW: Why do you terminate sentences with ~ sometimes?

Thanks for your reply, maybe it would be better to get a picture bed, but I really like to use folders to store pictures, pictures stored locally makes me feel very safe! But DT in index mode, if the first location of the image is not in the MD file folder, even if it replicates to this folder, it will not display properly. thanks to your explanation, I understand the reason for this. (Ah sorry, I didn’t follow the customs, I used to use ~ instead of punctuation, just a tone of voice :sweat_smile: