Any plugin or plans for auto-enclose feature in the text editor

I have noticed that some text editors, such as Drafts and Obsidian, have an auto-enclose feature, where you can select text and then type a quotation mark or parentheses or bracket to have that selected text enclosed in that punctuation. It’s very handy for me, personally, especially in working with Markdown files.

Is there any plan to include such a feature in DT3 or any plugin that can offer that kind of behavior in the text editor?

I do not know DEVON Trchnologies’ plans. In the meantime DEVONthink easily accommodates you using any other editor you wish. You can set the default to an external editor or “open with” command and get what you want now. No need to wait.

VS Code and BBEdit do that afaik.

Yea, lots do. Yes, I use BBEdit and sometimes Sublime Text. I deliberately did not suggest a product since I figured the OP @superjaberwocky has already experienced this feature with another product which can be used, I presume, easily with DEVONthink.

Welcome @superjaberwocky

This is the first request I recall receiving. No promises but the request is noted.

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Thank you. I do use other apps in conjunction with DT3, but it’s such a convenient feature for me that I think it would make a great option for the editor in DT3 too. And sometimes I’d rather do the writing in-app, and not outside of it.