Any way to batch download a list of URLs to DevonThink?

I’ve hunted around for the answer to this but failed. Is there a way/script to download a list of URLs into DT as HTML files? Or, even better, some kind of extension that would tell Chrome to send all open tabs in a window over to DT?

I have DevonAgent Pro, therefore I wonder whether that can be used as an interstitial should the above not be possible.

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Welcome @PaulJ

You’d need to define “list of URLs”. Are you talking about a Markdown document, a bunch of selected bookmarks, etc. ?

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Thank you for the welcome!

I think I just solved it: your question about format prompted me to try bringing a list of the kind in attached image; and then using the DT script Download > As HTML Pages. It generated separate DT HTML documents, which is exactly what I need.

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Your welcome and the scripts were where I was headed too!
Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to follow your steps, but I can’t figure out the last one. I got the list of links in an document, but when I go to Scripts > Download > As HTML Pages nothing happens. What’s the trick?

This script (and similar download scripts) require selected items having a URL, e.g. bookmarks.

I think the script I used was ‘Download Links of Pages’, which then grabbed all the links in that document above and created separate DT documents for each link.

Ah, thank you, that one works. I guess I need a custom script to download as PDF.

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or, convert to PDF once the document is in DT? Personally, I leave them as HTML