Any way to do a "read only" or "one-way" sync?

I have the DTPO database for a major project on my computer, and I’d like a junior team-member to be able to search it, and read files, from her computer, without her being able to make changes to the database. We tried the Web server route, but found it too hard to use with the kind of files we have (very large PDFs, among other things) and hard for her to do advanced DTPO searches. Is there a way for us to sync my computer and hers, by direct connection, where the database would be “read only” from her end?



It would be a useful feature but there is no way to do it that I am aware of.

What you can do is to lock files and groups from the info panel. This would prevent documents from being accidentally changed although of course your associate could unlock the files.


Thanks, Federico. I’ve never used the “lock” facility.
Going to try it…


I agree with Frederico, it would be a useful feature to be able to password files within DTPO; I do have some password protected stuff indexed in DTPO which works well for me but that would not function I think across computers. Perhaps a feature for the future?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely consider this for upcoming releases of our next generation sync (as its foundation is prepared for such scenarios).

I would very much welcome this!

Have there been any developments on this? I would really like to have a “One-Way sync”.

We have a master database (12GB) curated by me - I sync it to a Dropbox Syncstore. Multiple other users sync to that Syncstore.

Occasionally some users add files they shouldn’t, or accidentally delete files. Or like today -someone has added 5GB of old deleted files - by setting up a new user, and copying a much older database. When that synced it added all the old files back in…

My only option is to suspend each users Dropbox sync, delete each users database, and “clean” the Dropbox syncstore.

Then restore a last known good copy of the database on my system, sync it up to the syncstore, and then re-enable each user’s sync for them to download the new database.

Is there any simpler way?

I had also wondered if there was a way to “search” for these synced files? If so, I could delete that entire sync of files.

Instead of copying databases between computers/accounts it’s recommended to import them from the sync store. This would also avoid this issue.

No, there are no current plans to this. Sync is a mirroring Sync intended to keep all devices matching.

This is why any shared resources must be diligently administered. Non-admin Users should not be allowed to modify the master database without permission or oversight.

I strongly advocate all Users have their own databases to work with and organize as they desire. Data to be added to the master (shared) database should be submitted or approved by a database Admin to keep control.

In principle that is how we work - but in practice people mis-click and do daft things when supposedly only viewing the database. Dragging a file from DEVONthink to Applemail is a great feature, but sometimes a shaky mouse hand slips and the file has been dropped in A.N. Other folder. Touchpads with sensitive settings, and suddenly a blank RTF has been created, or a file has been moved between folders, etc.

Anyway - I was just looking for any options to make it easier if possible. :smiley: