Any way to identify Smart Groups?

Has anyone a way to distinguish Smart Groups from ordinary Groups? I know that only red entries are a hint for a smart Group , but a distinctive icon or colored name would be much better.

Also, is there any history to indicate what criteria were used to create each smart group?

I apologize if these have been asked before, but it’s quicker to ask then to go through the 13+ pages which a search for “smart” and “color” showed up.



Smart groups have a script icon (in all views but you have to enable details in the View menu for icon views).

I see them now. Thank you.


UPDATE: Without changing a view option, I saw a script icon next to my Smart folders. But after I recreated one of the folders with various “Create Smart Folder from” scripts, the script icon never reappeared. I’m not sure what icon view has to do with it. I keep the 3 pane view most of the time. The script symbol doesn’t appear in icon view in any case.


The icon is only visible in icon views after selecting “View > Show Details”.