Any way to import from Google Notebook & Zotero

Hi Folks,
For years I have been using Google Notebook and Zotero to store notes and keep records of stuff from the net.

My question has two parts.

  1. Is there a way to import (automatically) the data I have in Google Notebook? The product is no longer supported by Google, and I’d like to move away from it. I am looking for a suitable app to do that with. Currently testing out Devonthink for that and more.

  2. Since changing to MAC I was not able to port my Zotero database to Firefox on Mac. So I have the data files, but not actively running on Firefox. Is there any way to import the Zotero data in its sqlite database?
    I am aware that one person has post a script for importing from Zotero, but I think that is only for a live database in active use by FF. Mine is not. So looking for another solution.
    I may also eventually find a way to get my Zotero data back into a live copy of FF+Zotero.

UPDATE:: Zotero issue resolved. Still looking for Google Notebook import solution

Any helps with this would be greatly appreciated.



Just a quick note…
I am also checking out Mendeley. Not quite the same cup of tea as Devonthink, but a good free app for store references etc. It has a nice import feature. Oddly enough, I actually found this app while looking for info online on how to import my Zotero data in Devonthink. I can just point it to a Zotero sqlite file and voila. It’s all in there.

Would love to so easily get me zotero data into DT. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll now check if I can export from Mendeley into a format DT will import nicely.

Also, I discovered that Zotero is planning to release a desktop version of their app. Should be out fairly soon by the looks of it. Includes connectors into Chrome, Safari, and FF.


Looks like I am talking to myself… but at least if someone else comes looking for similar info they will see what eventuated.

  • I have now looked closer at the Zotero script by KMLawson (viewtopic.php?f=20&t=11502) and I see it does in fact go straight to the sqlite db once I have plugged that into the configuration.
    I will test it and see if his way of handling Zotero data is suitable. I have no idea how to script write, so I suspect I will just have to run with his way. Happy to get my data from Z to DT

  • Have found no solution for google notebook. :confused: