Any way to replicate this colors and format on Markdown?

I already use Obsidian with the Obsidian Nord theme, that I like very much because I find it very readable →

Is there any way to replicate this theme when I work on Markdown files in DT?

As for the background was very easy with the color picker, but how about the colors and font size of the headings?
Please note that I’m talking of the editing view, not the preview one (at least I’d like to replicate the theme in the preview mode, but I’d prefer to replicate it in the editing mode).

Thank you very much!

A screenshot of the theme:

It’s just a matter of you designing a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), isn’t it?

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Not in edit view. AFAIK, that’s not really stylable.


Oh well. I missed that sentence.

Please consider I’m not a technician.

I see there two CSS files in the Github rep of the theme: maybe I can download and test them?
What if I wanted to revert back to the original, in DT? Can I simply ditch those files?

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As I said: CSS is for preview mode (i.e. the HTML rendering of the MD file) not the edit view.

Regardless: There’s a whole series of posts about styling MD with CSS in this forum. No need to repeat those here.

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As @chrillek correctly mentioned, the editing mode is not styleable outside the basic font and point size for the plain text. DEVONthink does not have a hybrid editor window showing the rendering in the editing view.


Also, don’t just copy your Obsidian style sheet into DT (via the correct method). I did that on a whim and it doesn’t work, some of the Obsidian sheet is a little funky and doesn’t render in DT (or I assume outside any app but Obisdian). If you know some code it’s fine and you can work through it and make the amends needed, but when I started doing that I figured I should just leave things be :grimacing:

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Thank you all for your feedback.
I see I can’t customize the editor: maybe in a future update? DT4?

I don’t want to mess with the App, so I don’t enter the CSS style realm.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the editor gets more configurable any time soon. If you need that, why not use another editor like VS Code that can be themed?

Also, adding CSS does not “mess up” anything. Instead, it allows you to style the rendered MD.