Any way to set new records/groups to 'flagged'?


I am wondering if there is a way to set new records and groups created in DT via a script to ‘flagged’. I had a look in the applescript dictionary for DT but couldn’t see anything there for ‘flagged’.



I don’t know about the first part of your question, but for the flagged question search the DEVONthink dictionary for ‘state’.


‘set state of oNewRec to true’ worked for flagging new records

for some reason though ‘set state of oLocn to true’ didn’t work for flagging newly created groups.


I just inserted the line ‘set state of oLocn to true’ after a ‘set oLocn to create location…’ line in a script that I use, and it flagged the newly created group. Perhaps there is something else in, or missing from, your script that is causing the state to fail?

Yes, I can see that the script is in fact setting the state of the groups created to true, i.e. flagged, but then undoing this somehow. The script is one I’ve adapted, and I can’t make out why this is happening.

Oh, well. Having the records flagged is the most important thing.

Thanks for your help.