Any way to set up automated, scheduled Exports for databases

Instead of simply backing up the DT databases, I’m trying to figure out a way to automatically back up the contents of the individual DT databases – perhaps by automatically exporting the files / folder from the databases through a scheduled (maybe even incremental back up) function. The point is to figure out how to back up the contents of the DT databases w/o being dependent on the databases themselves (should they become corrupted, or DT fails for whatever reason, so that I’d still have access to the raw contents – i.e., the files and folder – if all else fails). Is there a script that one could create for this purpose?

And ideas?


At least in DTP 2.0, you can get this kind of emergency access without the need for an export. Find the database in the Finder. Right-click, and select “Show Package Contents.” Go to the “Files” folder, and you’ll find all of your individual items, grouped by file type.

(In DTP 1.x versions, PDF files are stored this way, but RTF files are hidden.)

DO NOT manipulate the contents of a package directly, as you risk corrupting the database.

Note that this approach is a kludge. It will give you access to the files when all else fails, but you’ll lose the database structure. To preserve that, you want the export files and folders command.


Thanks so much. Looks like a decent emergency measure (or kludge, as you say), but I guess I’m looking for something that might work a bit more seamlessly in terms of creating a system for an automatic incremental back up that maintains the database / folder structure. Seems like there ought to be a way to do this…