Any way to use DEVONthink 3 with a temp license or without a license in read-only mode?

Hi there

I have a two-seat license for DEVONthink 3 which I use hapily on my main Mac and my MacBook. I’m in the process of replacing my old iMac as main machine with a shiny new M2 Mac mini.

In this process I would like to keep DEVONthink running, say in “read-only mode” on the old Mac while I transfer the license to the Mac mini and I set up all the configurations (settings, scripts, workspaces, etc) on it. I guess this process will only take a week or two.

Any way to achieve this?

Not unless you have trial time left for the machine.

That’s exactly what I use at the moment on the new Mac.

Shouldn’t take more than, say, a couple of hours or less using this process:

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That’s a SUPER COOL link. Thank you! This helps a lot.

Just done the migration of the settings – and only very little things are not transferred. So far I only found:

  • The “Clp To DEVONthink” Hot Key
  • The order the collapsible parts appear in the Side Bar.