Anybody running DT3 on a MacBook Air M1 8Gb? (plus a question about storage)

Only indirectly relevant: I run a 2016 MacBook, weakest processor, with 8 GB RAM, as my main machine, and it still can pretty much deal with anything I throw at it. Based on benchmarks, any M1 machine should do vastly better. I have > 10GB of DT DBs, no issues (even though word # is probably more relevant). One thing I learned over the past 30 years: the biggest limitation of a machine is in the end disk space. Once you have to put stuff selectively on, it becomes really annoying. The moment you decide that you can leave a certain DT DB off the travel machine, you will find yourself trying to access a file in there. Don’t go for a configuration that starts limiting you already at purchase time. Unless funds are very tight, the next bigger disk is not that much more.