New MacBook Air M2 optimum spec for DT?

Any thoughts?

My use case is scanning in, OCR and then classifying large quantities. I’m a new user to DT and using my 2015 MacBook 12” is a pretty slow experience when loading 30 page docs I’ve scanned (using a folder action if that makes any difference). I will of course use it for other things too, but if the base model will fly through this particular task I will save myself some pennies. Welcome your thoughts! Thanks.

What do you mean by “loading” in this context?

You may want to see this thread, although I admit that I chose to go for 16 GB RAM.

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Thanks- by loading I meant a folder action that imports, then OCRs, then deletes the original file…

I’ll take a look at the link now.

I think basically any M2 model will be blazing fast compared to any 2015 model (my working computer is a 2015 MBP so I am in a similar position!).

Agree that 16gb ram would be advisable as large databases can be memory hungry under certain circumstances. More than 16gb would probably be overkill.

Aside from that, just get however much HD space you need and whatever processor you can afford/justify.

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As macOS requires more RAM each year (and databases grow too) and as the new computer should probably last for quite a few years, I usually recommend to get as much RAM as possible in case of M1/M2 machines as it can’t be upgraded anymore.


Thanks all, now need to wait for the ordering window to open!