Anyone else have issues with YouTube video playback?

I’ve noticed recently that I’m unable to playback YouTube videos. When the page loads I, I hear the audio streaming correctly, but the video is just a ‘black rectangle’ with the usual ads overlaid on it. I’m not sure precisely when it stopped working or whether something I’ve changed/updated caused it.

Is anyone else experiencing issues playing YouTube videos within the built-in browser in DevonThink?

Adding a screenshot for reference:

This is a known Ventura issue with the version of WebKit in DEVONthink. We have no workaround for it at this time.

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I have exactly the same problem. Does this mean that we need to give up running youtube videos in DT? That would be too hard to accept.


Can’t use DEVONthink’s "Open With … " feature to open and play in whatever you want?

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Of course that makes not much sense. DT is meant to avoid that. Otherwise I can work with the Finder.

Humm. Given that “Open With …” is a basic design feature of DEVONthink, how can you say with credibility that DEVONthink is “meant to avoid that”?

And, Finder has no capability to view YouTube videos. It also will just use its own “open with” capability to open and play videos. That’s how Finder works on files that it presents to you, be they videos, photos, text, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

No need to debate. Let’s agree to disagree.


An alternative approach might be to upload a document (such as an rtf doc) to DT with links to YouTube videos embedded in the documents. I’ve done this with many videos and have no problem running the videos after clicking on the links, maybe because the rtf editor (in my case, Nisus Writer) doesn’t have the same WebKit/DT/Ventura issue.

Welcome @nbaj
Given the existing issue, using your web browser would be the suggested option at this time.

No plans to fix this bug soon?

Since it’s a bug with Apple’s framework, this question should go to them, I think.


A @chrillek mentioned, it’s a problem with the framework, not DEVONthink.

Also, we don’t comment on timeframes, e.g., soon. This is also not an issue critical enough to issue a hotfix (if we had one available). That kind of thing is reserved for situations like everyone’s app crashing on startup :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting me know; I will open YouTube items in Safari until the issue is sorted.

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You’re very welcome. Thanks for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

It’s working again on 13.2.

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