Anyone simply putting their databases on Google Drive?

I have an iMac at home and a MacBook Air which is now my primary computer. I use it at coffee shops all over town. I am wondering if I can simply put my DTPO databases in a Google Drive folder that will sync automatically and then I can access from either computer.

The down side is that one of my databases is stupidly large (32 gigs). The others are more reasonable 300mb to 3gigs.


I have also thought about getting a really large (128gig) USB drive and running off that. But then would be constantly moving the databases.

We don’t have any data on this but I would be very cautious with this. These kinds of services are not made for syncing live databases. I would hazard a guess… no.

Thanks. Right now, I am testing having some of my smaller databases on a USB 3.0 and it works fine. I will skip Google Drive. I might just run off of a small external Thundebolt or FireWire drive. Whatever! I am just glad I can use DTPO on my MB AIr. I feel like I have been reunited with a long lost love.



Are you actually copying the database to the thumbdrive or using the Sync plugin to create a local syncStore?

Hi Jim - I am just copying the databases that I want to use on the thumb drive and then copying them back. You will suggest that I use the sync plugin? I have not touched it yet, but can give it go.


Though it may not seem like a huge gain, yes you can use a local syncStore on the drive and use it to update your databases without having to drag and drop replace the files.

Try it out with a little test database to get a feel for it but I think you’ll like it. 8^)

How about using google drive for backup purposes. I am only using dtpo on one computer, so there’s no risk of having the database open in two places at the same time. I’ve just put my databases into google drive.

If it is of interest, I used MacDropAny to move them. I think it creates a symbolic link. My most used database is a mere 18,91 GB.

Do I have to reverse my hasty move as a matter of urgency?


Personally, I wouldn’t place a database file itself on a cloud host for backup purposes. I still have lingering reservations about how cloud hosts manage a big package file that make me wonder how well it can be recovered without change, so I would make extensive tests before trusting that. I wouldn’t worry about storing a zipped file such as a Database Archive. But it would take a relatively long time to compress a database of that size.

For me, cloud backup of my databases is impractical simply because my satellite Internet access has slow upload/download speeds and severe data limitations per month (15 GB/month). When I’ve exhausted a month’s data allocation, I’m throttled to a crawl unless I pay for additional data use at the rate of $10/GB (which I sometimes have to do). I supplement the satellite data by creating a personal WiFi hotspot from my iPhone’s 10 GB/month data allowance. (I’ve got a couple of databases that will never be placed in the cloud, for security reasons.)

I use Time Machine as primary backup, rotating backups on two portable drives one of which is stored in my bank safety deposit box and switched every few days. In the event of theft of all my computer equipment, a fire or whatever, I can be back up and running in a few hours, whereas recovery from cloud backup would take weeks to months and cost me a bundle.

While I sometimes envy those of you who live in urban areas and have GB/second access speeds and unlimited data allowances, I prefer my log cabin in the woods and hills of Brown County, Indiana and would not willingly change places with you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Excuse my ignorance, but what appears to be the case is that I now have a google drive folder on my mac which is synced to the cloud. But when I open the database, I open it from that folder, and not from the cloud. I wouldn’t be accessing it via wifi, but directly from the local copy.

But you’re right. If there is a problem the idea of storing a zipped copy seems to be a good one.


I would consider placing the database within the Google Drive folder on your Mac and running it from that location dangerous. We have had reports of users placing their database within the Dropbox folder on their Mac and running it from there, sometimes with severe damage.

I wouldn’t do it, but your experience may vary. :slight_smile:

Nor would I consider the Google Cloud copy an adequate backup of the database.

I consider cloud services (I prefer the security SpiderOak offers) as last-resort backups of convenience. I have had data corrupted before (not in DEVONthink) and I wouldn’t recommend depending upon them. I figure that any time you turn your data over to a third party, you’re unlikely to get the same concern over the integrity of your data as you have. I prefer to have multiple Time Machine backups, which are quite inexpensive and easy to manage, and I rely on those.

But, DT does let you sync through Drobpox, and it is secure, so that would seem to be the safest option if you are using cloud services.

OK. Gottit. Thanks,