Anyone tired of the outdated icon of DEVONagent?

Personally, I dislike the icon of DEVONagent that is by any standards ugly. Shouldn’t it be updated for a nicer one such as this one , or ?

Surprisingly, the staff from DEVONagent was over confident about their design, saying there are many who loves the icon

Anyone who shares my interest please show me your attitude here

it’s green (an uncommon color) and pentagonal ( a rare shape), so it’s easy to find, unlike the new pages icon, which blends in with everything else. i miss the old purple inkpot. i don’t know what is ugly about it “by any standard.” perhaps i have no standards :slight_smile:

but, getting back to the agent, i don’t know what the icon is supposed to be. is it a green starfish filled with spaghetti?

Understood. Compared with its functionalities, this is not a big problem even for me who is picky and obsessive.

The DEVONAgent symbol is the second most beautiful symbol in my dock…

Never change it :wink:)


Totally agree; what is this about always wanting to change things?

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Nope, I think the icon is beautiful. The Ulysses-icon you showed is - in my opinion - beautiful as well, but to be honest… I am associating (the fine details in) the current DEVONagent-icon with the powerful tools that DEVONagent has. And I like the icon. In a positive way, it is not a “standard” icon. So I would like this icon NOT to changed. :smiley:

I too am rather enamoured with the DEVONagent icon, great colour, detail, shape. It’s unmissable in the dock and applications folder.

You’ll never mistaken the icon for anything else!

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LOVE the current icon. Please do not change it! Unmistakeable, detailed, and unique.

I love the DEVONagent icon.

Not outdated, great ikon, can not understand why on earth anyone would want to change it. Leave well alone please.

The icon for anything (application, folder, document) can be changed in Finder’s Get Info dialog.

Click the icon well and paste (⌘V). Assumes you have an icon that doesn’t offend you, and that you’ve copied it before pasting it into Get Info. If you decide the new icon is obnoxious, just select the icon well in Get Info and press Delete to revert to the out-of-box icon.

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If I did this, I would end up reinstalling Mac OS X thinking I deleted necessary documents and ruined DEVONAgent. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :clown_face:

I’m just kidding, I love DEVON’s icons! In fact, I was REALLY upset about DEVONThink Pro Office’s icon going away… The little Conch Shell Fish was like a little buddy!

DEVONAgent’s icon is like a sprouting flower getting ready to find what’s out there! I love it! :+1:

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