Anyone using devonthink to collect and organize food recipes?

Hi all!

I have a massive text based food recipes that I have been collecting for years now. I plan on converting them to .md files and use devonthink to collect and organize them.

I wonder if the community has any tips on this and user experience, is anyone collecting and organizing food recipes through devonthink? Any workflows? Any experience and thoughts?

Would love to hear from the community before I devise a workflow :slight_smile:

best and thx in advance!


Well, one thought is just to consider barely having a workflow, and let DT do the work. Batch convert the files to Markdown with one line of Pandoc. Then either import or index to DT, as you prefer. And, done. The files are now powerfully searchable.

If you feel you need to go one step further and organize them—but consider whether/why that’s actually required for your future efforts!—create some minimal set of folders you will want to filter by, drag in a few items to each, and let DT try to auto-classify the others.

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Am working on a backup of recipes from Paprika using Pandoc for conversion and importing into a new dedicated DB in DT3. Wish me luck and will post results ASAP!


Awesome :smiley:

good luck. If you have a organization strategy (tags, groups etc) please share with us :slight_smile:


I’m curious, why import your Paprika recipes into DEVONthink? I ask because I’ve used Paprika for years now and I believe the recipe part of the app is near perfect (the shopping cart and pantry features, not so much). I like it so much that it is one app that I would pay a subscription for.

I have over 11K recipes (no where near the limit of 20K) but I am currently writing my own cookbook. I would use DT3 as a database of ALL recipes (mine and Paprika’s) with no limit; would be able to search faster via ingredients and avoid the issue of duplicators on titles and similar recipes before publishing.

All in all, I too like Paprika; but it does have limitations.

Thank you for your question.


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