Anyone using DT for travel planning?

Is somebody out there who uses DT for travel planning and would find the time/interest to describe their workflow?

We travel quite a lot and each trip requires some planning: which means of transport are available (costs, where do they get you), which cities or other places might value a visit, which accommodation might be good …

Or maybe there’s another tool better suited for this kind of document “management”? Though, most of what I found uses a cloud storage model, which is a no-go for me.

Well, I can’t imagine using DEVONthink for “travel planning”. But as a repository of document related to a trip I do routinely for many years. Capturing emails, attachments, e-tickets as PDFs, links to sites and related info … yes. All that in my “works in progress” database synced everywhere as each trip a subgroup under “Travel”. When trip complete I drag the group in the “archive” database—for what reason other than being a data pack rat, no reason, frankly.

I really like the app “TripIt” and have used for years. It’s particularly good for assembling the trip itinerary in one place and keeping me up to date on up to date flight info (gates, delays, etc.) often faster than shown on the airport screens. That being said, it’s on the “internet” so you may not like. Your choice,

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I’ll use DTTG to store documents I might need to refer to when traveling, but anything resembling “planning” is done using TripIt.

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