Anyone using DT3 with the Raven scanner?

Hi everyone,

I have just discovered the Raven scanner brand, and their product line, via a couple of videos made by the German paperless activist Tom Solid.

Looks like it’s a much more modern cloud-enabled scanner, compared to the respin of the iX500 called iX1500, which seem to marred by problems on the software side.

Here is a quick video on the Raven product:

Has anyone tried how the Raven works with DT3? Looks like they are TWAIN compliant so they should be visible directly from macOS, so things should be pretty straightforward.

Looking forward to hearing any feedback about the Raven scanner.

Bye, Luca

Whilst we have not tested a Raven scanner with DT3, so long as the driver is supported by Apple’s Image Capture application it should work OK.

Likewise if anyone does have one of these scanners we would be interested in their feedback.

I just picked up a raven scanner pro. Using the ExactScan SE/Standard/Pro, you can send pdfs directly to a program. i.e. apple preview, DT3. Raven provides the SE edition with the scanner after emailing them for the free license. I paid for the Pro edition upgrade. You will need to download and install the MacOS Twain drivers provided on Raven’s support website.. I had to tweak the exactscan software settings, but now it works as good as my old ix500 that died. Under basic settings, set the rotate dropdown to automatic, else it was rotating the content and not the entire sheet/page. Hope this helps.


I bought the Raven Pro scanner and using on my MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur v.11.6 and the Raven Desk Top App Version 0.27.0 ( The app supports DevonThink 3, via USB connection. The scanner is excellent and works well with DT3, but only via USB. I’m curious if anyone was able to connect Raven Pro to macOS via WiFi

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Welcome @trostli

Thanks for sharing your experience. We don’t have a Raven scanner in-house to test but perhaps someone else on the forums has.

Nice “reach-out”. You might want to change your post to a private message to @BLUEFROG so that your email is not exposed to the world. Just an idea.

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Will do and thanks for the generous offer. :slight_smile:

I have just received a Raven Original Scanner and connected it via Wi-Fi and it works with DEVONthink without any issue. In the Raven Desktop app settings does it show the connection via the network as below?