Anyone using Get Backup Pro?

Get Backup Pro is an app that comes with a Setapp subscription. Has anyone used it? I like the simplicity of the interface compared to some of the other backup apps I’ve used (such as Chronosync, which I otherwise like, but seems to be very slow with my backups), and it seems to be working well with my backups in general, but I don’t know how well it plays with DEVONthink databases.

If it is package-aware or does a snapshot-style backup, it’s likely safe.

Thanks for the reply. I presume since it recognizes the databases as bundles, it is package-aware. And the dropdown menu near the top of the window in the screenshot (taken from the “Restore” interface of the app) is for various backup snapshots, so hopefully that means it is safe. I’m going to also ask in the Setapp user group to see if anybody is using it.

Good to know.
Does it also allow you to set a schedule? That is a safer bet than something that advertises “continuous backups”.

It does, yes. I have it set to back up to my Synology at midnight every night.

That sounds good, but do I have to comment on those filenames? :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Hyphens, underscores, dots, and spaces are always the safest bet.

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You probably thought my [square brackets] were the worst you saw today.

Hahaha! Well played. :wink:

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