Anyone using Notebooks?

On my quest for a fine OneNote Replacement that works with DT I am currently looking into Notebooks. Anyone using this App? Indexing the directory in DT works fine for me and it is much lighter and more minimalistic than OneNote… just perfect for me.
Any experiences here?

Search the forum and you will find several users. I suggest while searching to look for @Greg_Jones’s postings on the topic.

I think it depends on your use-case.

I use Notebooks for IOS. Primarily for reading long documents from DTTG. I use the reading “notebooks” set as a to-do list so this makes it super easy to track what needs to be read yet.
10.1 release from last week brought a number of great things such as search in PDFs (missing in DTTG). So now you can search across documents of various types - unfortunately this is a really huge missing gap in DTTG (in contrast to Devon’s great search capabilities on Mac). Ah, and Notebooks supports [[]] wikistyle links which I miss a lot in DTTG.