API to send files to other app


is there any way to create an api from a database so I can send pdfs or other files to another application?

„Send to“ as opposed to „open in“? What exactly are you looking for?

I’m searching for a way to integrate my DT database with Readwise

If there are other suggestions that could do this please let me know.

afaik The only Devonthink API is Applescript (or Javascript)
I use Applescript quite often

Think I have to find some other app to do this.

An easy ways is just not possible.

Thanks for the reply’s!

If I understand the Readwise FAQ correctly, they “import” highlights via e-mail. Since you can send e-mails from DT (and could do so programmatically, I think), that’s probably the closest you get to an “API”.

But maybe you meant something else when you said “integrate with Readwise”?

Meaning replacing ReadWise, I’m assuming :wink:

And yes, please clarify what integrating means.