App constantly crashing when entering a tag incl. underscore in search field [resolved]

Hi All,
I try to do a search as follows: „tags:_fem“ - as soon as I type the ‚_‘ the App is crashing. On both, iPhone and iPad. Regardless what Database, Group, or whatever.
Version 3.3.2, iOS/iPadOS 15.2.1

(search string is entered without ““)

Update: after playing around it may be of interesting that I do have a smart rule named „_fem“ - I saw this while looking into the tag group of one particular database and searching for „fem“ (search in ‚All‘ therefore the smart rule appeared) - it appears, greyed out (of course) - maybe this is something causing an issue?? (just a quick thought)

@eboehnisch: crash on typing _ confirmed (3.3.2 on iOS 15.2.1).

Not apparently relevant, as I can confirm the crash and have not used _ for any group or smart group names.


Confirmed & fixed for 3.3.3. We missed to include a library needed for the new Asian tag suggestion support.