App crashes when indexing

I am setting up DTG on a new iPad Pro. All is well in terms of downloading databases and their contents (I have all files downloaded locally). Indexing then begins and the progress wheel is clicking along… until the app suddenly crashed when the dial reached approx 4 o’clock.

I then quit and re-open the app. It quickly cycles through and finishes ‘downloading from iCloud’ (I think it just checks that everything is downloaded). After approx 30 seconds, a grey box appears to say “Indexing documents”, and immediately the app crashes.

It is hitting a problem when indexing. My guess is that there is a problem indexing one particular file in one particular database? I come to this conclusion because during the initial indexing procedure, the file-count was dialing down and the progress wheel was moving well. Then, it seemed to hit something it didn’t like. When I restart the app, it picks up indexing where it left off and bang! Crashes immediately.

Any suggestions?

I performed the nuclear option: deleted and re-installed the app. Reconnected with 2 databases via iCloud. Once again, both databases downloaded and synchronized.

The app then moves on to index… the progress circle is moving along well. indexing 8500+, 7000, 6000, 4500, 2449… crash!

When I re-open the app, it does two quick “downloading items from iCloud” (one for each database). This is very quick because all the files have arrived. Then, it flashes an “Indexing documents” dark box and immediately crashes.

The nuclear option didn’t change anything.

What is happening? Is there a corrupt file (#2448) with which it is having a problem?

This is being handled in your support ticket.