App Performance

Over the past year, I have experienced unreliable performance from DTTG. Most of the files in my database will take minutes to open (the loading wheel will spin). This occurs when my phone is on Wi-Fi and on my cell phone. The performance is particularly bad when there is no Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, I have started to move the files I need back into Evernote (yes, I started a paid plan again).

The app has cost me a lot of time and has prevented me from accessing important information when needed.

Is anyone else experiencing this type of performance issue with DTTG? I’m at a loss.

I haven’t experienced the issue, but I would suggest checking your cellular data settings. This is the kind of behavior you might see if DTTG were unable to download a remotely hosted file, for example.

And have you reported this to our support ticket system?

I believe I did, but it was some time ago. I can put another one in.

Would the cellular setting impact DTTG wifi performance?

I don’t use DTTG on my phone, but with iOS generally I’ve experienced a situation where the cellular connection and the WiFi connection seem to be fighting each other, bringing all internet operations to a halt. This might happen if the WiFi connection is inconsistent, or if there’s a WiFi connection that the phone knows about but can’t reach for some reason.