App to add SendTo menu

I could swear there used to be an extension that allowed you to add a “SendTo” menu to the finder popup menu?

I want to select a file, right click, and choose a destination to send that file to.

A y ideas or suggestions on an app that could fullfill this requirement.

The Finder’s contextual menu? Or another menu?

I remember it being from the Finder’s contextual menu. You would right click on a file and choose the send command type verbiage and then you had either predefined locations of a cascading flout menu for navigating.

I can’t remember if it was part of an app or if it was an extension, and apparently I cannot remember the name of the software either . . . hahaha

Sounds like the Add to DEVONthink 3 service which can be enabled via System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. In addition, ensure that the group selector is enabled in Preferences > Files > Import of DEVONthink 3.