Appear to be losing data

Ok, let me get my rant out of the way first- i must say things seem to be going from bad to worse with the product. 6 months ago things were working ok. now things have got to the point where i am seriously considering alternate products. such a shame.

when i am on my mobile device using DTTG, i am finding when i sync to my desktop, entries appear as ‘(emtpy)’ and i lose the note detail.

i have seen this happen a few times before, and i figured it was just my problem but now that i can’t find some notes i took last friday from a business meeting i am kind of pissed off. plus the fact that i used to be able to sync my files with no problem but since the recent upgrades, my file synching has been so riddled with errors, i now only sync the text notes, no synced document folders. i have resorted to using goodreader on my ipad to sync documents from dropbox, (whereas i used to index those folders in DTP and then sync to my iphone and ipad).

ok, rant over.

when i save a note on my iphone, after syncing i get these ‘(empty)’ files - there is a note that has a 'modification date 6/26/11, 7 bytes in size.

is the note not saving properly? is it getting corrupted when syncing? it it getting doubly corrupted when i am syncing both my ipad and iphone to my mac.

like i said, i really want this to work, i like the product a lot, but right now i am unsure if DT can really handle real business. i have chosen to post here and not to give you a bad rating on the app store since i know you are doing lots of work on the product. but data loss is not acceptable.

and where is the global inbox? if i save a note on my phone where does it appear on the mac? too confusing…!

I’ve seen one or two reports of this problem, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this myself. If you’re able to figure out how to reproduce this, I’d appreciate it.

  • What edition of DEVONthink are you using (Personal, Pro, Pro Office)?
  • Did you create the note in DTTG?
  • Was the noted previously synced before you modified it, synced, and found the corruption?
  • Were any changes made in DEVONthink on your Mac before the corruption happened?

The Global Inbox should correspond to the Inbox in DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office.

I am fighting with the same problems!
(Iphone 4 DTTG 1.1, IMAC snow leopard 10.6.8, DT pro office 2.2.1)

  • plain text Notes created on DTTG would not sync correctly
  • also in my case certain files are copied instead of synced.
    but even worse:
  • folders created on DTTG don’t sync at all (and block syncing -after 10 min:“connection lost”). this is a big issue.

I now have the problem, that I created a lot of notes during an international congress - deinstall or reset syncing will bring me to loose everything …
or should I send each note separately to my own email account ?!? not funny at all!

Please resolve!!!