“Append” Shortcut Replacing Entirety of Note

I have a series of share-sheet shortcuts that I use to capture text that I’ve highlighted in a PDF or webpage and append it (with various meta-data) to existing, pre-selected notes in my DTTG database. I’ve been using the shortcut for a year or two with good results, but recently I discovered that rather than appending the text to the end of the specified note, it is replacing the contents of the specified note with the new text, causing me to lose all of the pre-existing content.

It appears (though I might be wrong about this) that the options for the “Update Content” shortcut action may have changed recently. I get the same result regardless of which option I choose — update, append, or insert.

Am I missing something about how the shortcut options are supposed to be used, or is this a new bug?

(I’m able to work around the issue by getting the existing DTTG item as a file at the outset of the shortcut, then using it along with the new content so that when the contents of the item is replaced, the “replacement” contains the old material — but I haven’t previously needed to do that, and it seems to defeat the purpose of having an “append” option.)

I am not seeing an issue with any of these options…

That’s what you’re referring to, correct?

I was using the “Markdown document” option, which (still) doesn’t work for me. The “text document” option that you’ve chosen above appears to accomplish the same thing, however, and it does work for me. Is there a material difference between those options, or should I just switch my shortcuts over to use the “text document” option?

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