Apple iCloud and CloudKit Sync not occurring when expected

Hi all. I’m having difficulty getting my iCloud(CloudKit) databases to sync reliability. I have the Synchronize frequency set to Automatic, “On Quit or Deactivation” checked, and I have tried both 1 and 16 Max Connections. Note there are no log entries at all. DT Version 3.8.5, MacOS version 12.5.1.

The first indication of problem is that DTTG does not documents that I have put into DT. I checked DT and see that no sync has occurred in over a day:

I tried Quitting DT to force the Sync, but it was hanging trying to sync
CleanShot 2022-08-26 at 08.29.31@2x

I Quit again to abandon the sync, then started back up. All syncs complete and the files appear in DTTG

This may be the perennial problem with iCloud being cantankerous, but I can’t be sure. Any suggestions for diagnosing?

I changed the title of your thread so others a see more easily. Apple’s service unreliable for some as reported here so many times. No known “knobs” to turn to bend it to your will.

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Understood @rmschne. I trust the DT devs to get it right more than Apple :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if there was any way to confirm the problem, like a log message that says “500 error from iCloud server”

CKErrorDomain is what many people see who have problems with iCloud.

Are you sure that you need remote sync? Otherwise, Bonjour might be an alternative.


Really, it’s a problem with Apple. Well explained on previous posts.

The only way I’ve noticed to detect an issue is to notice the error message which matches that already reported by many, or that it just does not work.

Welcome to Apple, is all I can say.

I use Bonjour and WebDAV in the local network mainly to sync an iMac and Macbook. I use Dropbox for a small database, but frankly don’t need offsite syncing as when I get back to Global HQ synching catches up. If I need “everything” when out and about, I take the Macbook. Keeping it simple.

Do you really need internet synching with Apple?


I do need Internet syncing. Between mobile and macs, I have 4 devices. Trying to keep them synced seems like more of a problem than the occasional iCloud failure. I also don’t have enough space on Dropbox. Maybe I just need to automate quitting DT at the end of the day and starting back up early in the morning.

Keep them synced at home with Bonjour. Fastest, reliable, and secure. If changes while out and about will catch up at home. Or if really really really important to have internet syncing with so much data then pay for Dropbox.

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I’m curious what you feel this would accomplish. It sounds more like a potential hinderance to syncing.

Between mobile and macs, I have 4 devices.

This does not make a remote sync option a requirement.

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