Apple Mac App Store

What are your plans for the Apple Mac App Store and do you need beta tester volunteers?

The Mac App Store provides us with some challenges as the rigid rules do not e.g. permit the use of the Quick Look function in the way we use it, or the installation of additional scripts.

We are working on a concept here, though, and will keep you updated via my blog.

Please note that, in any case, price-reduced upgrades or crossgrades will not be easily possible as the Mac App Store does not support them.

To emphasize Eric’s last point, it has been DEVONtechnologies’ policy to credit users who wish to upgrade, e.g., from DEVONthink Personal to DEVONthink Pro, for the full price of the previous registration purchase, so that the user pays only the difference between the price of registration of the two editions of DEVONthink.

The Mac App Store doesn’t accommodate that.