Apple Mail does not check for emails while DT3 is running

I upgraded to DT3 Pro last week and I started to use the email import function this week. Within DT3 everything seems to work fine. But now I have a major conflict in Apple Mail (and it seems to be the same in Outlook which I usually don’t use).

Apple Mail is not checking for new emails automatically. It only does so when I start the app or when I click on “check for emails”.

First I had the plugin for Apple Mail activated. But deactivating it didn’t stop the problem.

I am still using MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and I am using DevonThink 3.0.2.

I installed other apps this week as well which I all deinstalled by now. First I thought the problem was caused by Skype for Business because I installed it the same day. But the problem still exists after deinstallation of Skype for Business. DT3 is the only lately installed app still present on my MacBook.

And Apple Mail works better as long as the DT3 app is not running. About half of my mails come in with a delay but the income is not completely mute like it happens while DT3 is running.

On my iPhone and via Webmail all mails are served perfectly. And I am using various email accounts (Exchange Online and IMAP accounts by my webhoster).

What can I do to have Apple Mail running properly again? How can this be connected to DT3?

I am struggeling with the issue for three days and first I didn’t want to blame it on DT3. But I am lost and I see no other reason for the conflict.

Thanks a lot for help!


same Problem here. Apple Mail is not checking for new emails automatically since I use DT 3 and I have installed the additional moduls from the DT menu. Microsoft Outlook (16.31) is running on the same machine without problems so far. I’m using an iMac from 2017 with MacOS 10.14.6.

Same problem here.

Didn‘t thought that it has something to do with DT 3. but the problem doesn’t occur on a computer without DT

Did you both install & enable the plugin in Apple Mail?

The Mail plugin is enabled.

Interesting observation

I tried to switch to Apple Mail when I installed Catalina and assumed that the problems I was having related to Apple Mail bugs - but perhaps it is a DT3 issue instead.

Yes - the mail bundle ist installed and activated in the settings of Apple Mail

The next release will fix this.



Hello! I am sorry to report that the problem has not been solved completely.

DT 3.0.3 solved the problem with Outlook and it solved the problem with my O365 email account in Apple Mail.

But Apple Mail still does not collect mails automatically from my additional email accounts (Gmail and IMAP accounts by German provider Hetzner). If I start the collection manually it works but not automatically.

What is the difference between Apple Mail and Outlook? What is the difference between O365 mails and mail accounts by Gmail etc.?

Most of all: Can I do anything myself to solve the problem? For various reasons I prefer Apple Mail and would be very glad not to be forced into Outlook to make use of all my email accounts.


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DEVONthink does not automatically import emails from an email application. It is a user-initiated process, though it may be possible to use Apple Mail Rules. This is discussed in the Help > Documentation > Automation > Apple Mail Rules

@BLUEFROG: Sorry, you misunderstood me.

Apple Mail is not collecting mails automatically from my email providers. I was not talking about a problem within DT3.

But my problem with Apple Mail exists since I upgraded to DT3. Somehow DT3 started to trouble Apple Mail. Please check the older part of this thread beginning in November.

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Apple Mail is not collecting mails automatically from my email providers.

I don’t recognize this problem on Mojave. I’ve installed all add-ons, and my mail is retrieved. (It is also forwarded with a mail rule script by the way).

There were some issues with Gmail and Apple mail earlier this year I think.

Not sure whether this is related, but have you seen this page already?

Do you use the latest version of DEVONthink 3? Due to a bug it’s possible that older releases set Apple Mail to offline, therefore you might have to reenable automatic retrieving of emails in the preferences of Mail.


Great! Problem is finally solved. I am using DT 3.0.3 (which should be the latest version). But I didn’t know that I have to “update” the preferences of Apple Mail. It’s done and everything is fine. Thanks.

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